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Glasses free 3D display (for microprocessors)

3D LCD Driver Board

In the previous month we have been working on our 3D display prototype board for microprocessors, so you will be able to generate and show real glasses free 3D images with your microprocessor.

Now we finally got it working, and had some promising results, so we have made a demonstration video for you.
Some of you might already have seen the video, as I am a bit late on the “blogging” – sorry 🙂

In the video above I show the 3.5″ 3D Parallax barrier display connected to our STM32 Cortex-M3 processor, which is generating the two-eye image.

The 3D display works with a technique called Parallax barrier. Parallax barrier means that some kind of barrier is infront of the LCD, blocking for the pixels that is not dedicated to that specific eye. The Nitendo 3DS is using the same technique, and that is why you don’t have to wear any 3D glasses to see the effect.

With our particular display, this parallax barrier is electrical controllable, which gives us the opportunity to select in which direction we want to be able to watch the 3D.
So when the processor is rendering the two images, it dedicates every even vertical lines to the right eye, and every uneven vertical lines to the left eye.

The 3.5″ 3D display you saw in the demonstration has a resolution of 480×320 pixels. In widescreen mode with 3D enabled, the horizontal resolution is divided in half (one for each eye), and therefor the 3D resolution is only 240×320 pixels – but this is more than enough.

7" and 3.5" 3D displays

We have also got a 7″ 3D display with a resolution of 800×480. Again the horizontal resolution is divided in half when 3D mode is enabled, so the 3D resolution is only 400×480.
We haven’t tested this 7″ display yet, but our engineers are working on a prototype driver board for that too, similar to the one used for driving the 3.5″ 3D display.

If anybody is interested in 3D and would like to play around with it on their microprocessor, you can buy this 3D driver board, including the 3.5″ parallax barrier 3D display, for $80 (excluding shipping). In this offer you will also get the 3D rendering code used in the demonstration, both for the STM32 but also as a simulator application for the PC.

Just write us a mail at mail@tkjelectronics.dk with your name and address, and we will send you an invoice. Payment can be done with Paypal.

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