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"Project Idea" contest – win a STM32F4DISCOVERY kit


It is going very well with us, TKJ Electronics. We have a lot of ongoing projects and try as much as possible to update the blog with information about these projects.
Though we thought it would be very interesting to get some feedback from all of you brainy guys out there too, so why not make a contest about it ? and as announced previously there will of course be a price.

So instead of it being us publishing information about our projects all the time we would like to know more about your project ideas or what projects you would like to see designed.

The only requirements for the project ideas are the following

  • The project should include some kind of microprocessor (PIC, AVR, Arduino, mbed, LPC, STM32, other ARM etc.)
  • The project should be affordable with a budget of $200 – this is just the electronics cost for use in the development (not the target price)
  • The project can?t be something we already have done, but it is ok to use parts of our previous projects
  • The project idea description should be at least 75 words

Do you have one or even multiple good project idea that fits these requirements then do not hesitate to apply.
You are allowed to enter with as many project ideas as you like, as long as they are individual ideas without too much similarity.

To apply, send your project idea including the description to the following mail: Contest@TKJElectronics.dk

The contest will be running about a month, so at the 20. February 2012 we will close the contest and select the best idea. The author of the best idea will win the new STM32F4 Cortex-M4 Discovery Kit from ST Microelectronics.

You can read more about the winning price (kit) in our webshop: STM32F4DISCOVERY

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