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Giving away 6 free CeBIT eTickets

February 28th, 2012 No comments

Are you going to CeBIT 2012 but are still missing the tickets?
We have been given quite an amount of tickets from different vendors. So we would like to see you there too and would therefor like to offer you a free ticket (?34 normally).

If you are interested in this limited offer please send us an email at:
The tickets will be given on a first serve basis.

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Winner of the "Project Idea" contest

February 21st, 2012 2 comments


Yesterday our “Project Idea” contest ended and we have spent the day reading all the project ideas from you.
Some of them were more advanced than others but we have received a great number of project ideas and would like to thank you all for participating.

So now we are ready to present the winning Project Idea:

Project Title: Use of a Micro controller in a 50MHz to 1GHz spectrum analyser project.

This project idea was sent to us by Roberto Savo, an RF Electronics Engineer from South Africa.

Read more…

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Raspberry Pi – a BeagleBoard competitor

February 18th, 2012 No comments

Soon a BeagleBoard competitor will be released – the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi - Embedded ARM11 Computer

The Raspberry Pi is a small credit card sized ARM11 embedded computer, capable of running embedded Linux or WinCE.
When released it is supposed to be available in two models, where the biggest difference is the ethernet connector.

The first model, which comes with 128MB RAM, 1x USB but no ethernet will be priced at $25.
That’s an insane price for an embedded computer capable of doing HD video by using the onboard HDMI connector.

The second model, which comes with 256MB RAM, 2x USB and also ethernet, will be priced at $35.
And most of the times embedded applications requires some kind of internet connection as almost everything in this world becomes online. So why not spend those $10 extra to get the ethernet capability too.

The Raspberry Pi is expected to be sold in the end of February, though the initial stock is limited to around 10.000pcs so you have to be fast. Hopefully we will be able to do a review of the board soon.

Via: Raspberry Pi

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