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STM32 DFU Programming

January 25th, 2010 8 comments

The time is currently 21:42 and I’ve been sitting in front of my computer in 2 hours to get the DFU programming to work.

Now it is working, and I’m able to make one of my excisting projects into a DFU loadable project (compiled it’s a .dfu filed)

I’ve also changed the DFU bootloader code to use GPIOA_0 as DFU Enable pin, and GPIOA_1 as USB Disconnect – this makes me able to use the GPIOB and GPIOC for my display without any interferrance!

Here is how you make a Ride7 project DFU loadable:

The Default Startup script (in settings) has been set to No, as we have included a special startup script in the project (startup_stm32f10x_hd.s – found in CMSIS\Core\CM3\startup\gcc)
Also change the Linker Script in project settings to match the processor group you are using (Connectivity, High Density… and so on – fx stm32f10x_hd_flash_offset.ld)
Also be aware of the change in the NVIC_Configuration – here we tell the processor that the Flash has to start at adress 0x3000
When you have compiled the code to a HEX file, run “DFU File Manager” to create a .dfu file.
Target ID: 00 is Internal Flash
Target ID: 01 is SPI Flash
Target ID: 02 is NOR Flash
Now you can use DfuSe to load the .dfu file into the internal flash of your STM32!
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STM32 USB Connection

January 25th, 2010 8 comments

The USB connection between the STM32 and the computer is finally working.
I’ve tried the different USB programs from the StdPeriph Library


  • Virtual COM Port
  • DFU Programming

As I’m using Ride7 for programming, I can upload the project and sources if you want me too.


OBS: If you have projects which DOESN’T use the USB, you have to set the USB Disconnect jupmer to Ground (Pos. 1-2), as if not, the STM32 will stop in some kind of USB Interrupt trying to make a data communication with the computer, but it never comes as the STM32 doesn’t start one!

I discovered this Ã? when I tried DFU’ing my 320×240 LCD code – and when I went back to normal .hex, it didn’t work – that was because I had to set the USB Disconnect to Ground!

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