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STM32 Peripheral Notes

Got some sensors hooked up to my header board.
The code is ugly and needs work, but gets data from stuff.

UART1@115200 = ft232 USB adapter (todo change to internal usb) – for debugging
UART2@9600 = SFE 16×2 SerLCD (For Display)
I2C1@100KHz = TMP102 (temperature) and HMC6352 (compass)


Compatible with LM75
TIe ADD0 to GND for default address 0x90
I just grabbed the LM75 stuff from ST’s STM32103B EVAL Demo kit (tsensor.h/c) and ripped out the LCD stuff – TODO work on formatting, return types, etc


Get Heading: Send 0x41 (‘A’) and read in two bytes of data / 10 for decimal degrees

I think I like I2C, this was all entirely too easy 🙂

TODO: Improvements so maybe I can post some code, and should do a driver for the ADXL345 accelerometer.

New Gyro, Cam, LCD on the way to figure out as well.

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