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New guy at TKJ Electronics

Today I’ve teamed up with a student from Belgium, who is going to be a part of TKJ Electronics.
He will help doing the development of new boards, especially the PCB designs as he is very experienced at this.

His name is Robin Theunis, he is 18 years old, a student and lives in Beringen – Belgium.
Currently he studies at a university college called KHK Kempen in Geel.

He have done many projects in the recent years, some for hobby, some for school, and one for a company. He quotes: “I’m in the world of embedded designs”

You can find some of his projects here:

You can see more of his projects on his blog: http://www.on8rth.be
Instead of using Eagle he uses Altium – which in my opinion is a much better tool than Eagle, but unfortunately Altium doesn’t provide any Freeware versions!

So welcome to you Robin!

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