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November 16th, 2010 No comments

TKJ Electronics - FPGA STAMP Board

We have been working a while with a FPGA STAMP board, to make it easier for you to start using and develop with FPGAs. Finally we have a working prototype, which you can see on the following images.

The FPGA STAMP Board includes

  • Spartan 3E FPGA – XC3S500E
  • 4Mbit Xilinx Flash PROM for configuration storage
  • Voltage regulators and protection, as 3.3V has to be added externally

TKJ Electronics - FPGA STAMP Board

TKJ Electronics - FPGA STAMP Board

TKJ Electronics - FPGA STAMP Board

The estimated price is around $80/each
If you would like to buy one of theese boards, please Contact Us

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Digilent Basys2 FPGA Board

September 10th, 2010 No comments

Today I recieved my Digilent Basys2 FPGA board which has a Spartan-3E 100K BGA chip (XC3S100E CP132) on top.

BASYS2 Board

The Basys2 board is a simple FPGA development board, and it is easy to start with, as it has an onboard USB programmer. It has also got a 2Mbit flash for FPGA configuration storage.
The great thing with development boards though, is that you have some kind of periphirals, and on this board you have 8 switches, 8 LED’s, 4 buttons, a switchable clock (25/50/100MHz), VGA output and 4 expansion ports. This makes it alot easier to get started, because you only have to focus on the software/programming part – not the hardware.

I’ve uploaded a short video to show you the board, and the demo program which comes pre-programmed with the board!

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