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STM32 Oscilloscope

February 18th, 2010 33 comments

This week I got some inspiration from the ST DSP library, so I made my own oscilloscope with the STM32 and my 320×240 pixels QTFT screen. I made the code from scratch, both the sampling and screen updating code – but I used the ST DSP library for the FFT calculations of course

You can see the video of the project here…

Due to the huge amount of requests I’ve decided to publish the code used in this project.
The code is a bit messy as it contains bits of code that is never reached – fx in the main() function.
As said above, the code uses the ST DSP Library to do the FFT calculations, and it just uses one of the ADC inputs for the sampling.

The code package can be downloaded here: STM32 Oscilloscope

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