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LPC1766 & LPC2368 STAMP boards

This friday I recieved two STAMP boards as a donation from MCUZone.


They are both STAMP boards, which means almost every pin is spread out for easy interfacing, but there is also a JTAG port and a USB port on the board.

The first one contains NXP’s LPC1766, which is a Cortex-M3 ARM processor with 256kB FLASH, USB Device/Host/OTG, Ethernet and more.
The other one contains NXP’s LPC2368, which is an ARM7 with 512kB FLASH and almost the same periphirals as the LPC1766, except the USB Host and OTG function.

In the video below you can see the two boards, and the LPC1766 in action, blinking an LED

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