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LVDS Display controller for microprocessors

October 3rd, 2012 50 comments

We have had a couple of embedded projects for our customers where the requirement were large-screen LVDS displays. By large screen I mean sizes over 7″ and a resolution of 800×480 where the common SSD1963 LCD controller can’t be used as the frame buffer RAM is too small.

LVDS Display Controller V1.0

So now we have decided to make our own similar display controller board but for LVDS displays as they are much more inexpensive and common (used in TVs and PCs).
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EZ430-Chronos Unboxing and Demonstration

October 3rd, 2011 3 comments

About a month ago Texas Instruments started their so called TI Deals – “A cool new way to get discounted tools and kits from Texas Instruments”
The service is an advertising stunt by Texas Instruments which lowers the price of some of their development tools in a specific period.

The first product to be lowered in price were their EZ430-Chronos watch. A watch with their CC430 MCU inside with wireless connectivity.

The regular price for the watch was $49.00, though as it being the first product in their new “TI Deals”, the product were sold for $24.50 – 50% off! Including free shipping.
An extremely cheap price for a good looking watch (maybe a bit big) with developer possibilities. So I decided to get myself one – and luckily for me I ordered one in time, as they went out of stock pretty fast!

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